Commissions:  Paintings, whether portraits, landscapes, or otherwise, may be commissioned using your photograph, subject to my approval and/or my selection.  I cannot copy or use photographs taken by a professional photographer without his or her written consent.  Pricing is determined by size alone and, if for portraiture, for one person.  Add $500 per extra person for paintings 18"x24" and larger.


8"x10"      $850

9"x12"      $950

12"x16"  $1,100

14"x18"  $1,500

18"x24"  $2,200

24"x30"  $2,750

30"x40"  $3,650

Sales:  For sales of artwork on this website other than those listed with a gallery, please contact me using the information on this page.  For sales of artwork listed with a gallery, please use the gallery's contact information under the "pricing" information next to the painting.  Prices are for unframed artwork.  Joann Rea